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Yesterday it was announced that Brushwood care home, a brand-new state of the art, purpose built facility is to close. Residents have been given 6 weeks before being evicted from their homes, after already undergoing months of enforced separation from their families due to Covid-19. 

Brushwood is currently home to 47 residents who have a wide range of needs; from dementia to complex nursing needs. These are some of the most vulnerable people in our society and we must do all we can to protect them from being evicted from their homes. 

For many residents in Brushwood, this isn't the first care home that they have lived in. Many have had to move due to previous home closures or due to the fact that they have suffered horrendous abuse in other care facilities. 

Brushwood provides a safe, caring and friendly environment for our loved ones, where we know they have access to the best quality care and are surrounded by excellent staff who go above and beyond. 

This care home CANNOT close. It would be a travesty for our loved ones and also will leave a significant number of staff redundant, in the midst of a global pandemic. This is not a business that is in jeopardy, this is people's lives. 

Please help us!