Liverpool Blue Coat, Stop Celebrating Slavery!

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Recently everyone will be aware of the protests for racial justice taking place here in the UK and around the world.

I and many others are appalled that the Liverpool Blue Coat School continues to celebrate its slave trading founder, Bryan Blundell.

Much like Edward Colston, whose statue in Bristol was rightfully torn down, Blundell has been remembered fondly for centuries for his local philanthropy.

He was also involved in the slave trade.

Yes - the founder of the Blue Coat School owned slave ships, on which many slaves died before they even made it across the Atlantic to begin their lives in chains. He made a fortune in goods produced by slaves, such as tobacco. This is all well-documented as per the Liverpool Echo, for example:

This was centuries ago, yet to this day Blundell's name is emblazoned across the school, from the House 'Blundell' , to the 'Blundell Suite', to his glorification every year on Founders Day.

Blue Coat students deserve better than this; they shouldn't have to attend events celebrating slave traders or be in educational spaces named after slave traders.

I am calling on Blue Coat to rename Blundell House to something more appropriate, rename the Blundell Suite, significantly change the emphasis of Founders Day to truly reflect history, and remove anything else in the school that glorifies Bryan Blundell.

I urge you to sign this petition if you feel the same. Thank you. Black Lives Matter!