Livermore, CA - City draining Ponds with wildlife still abound!

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The City of Livermore, California, has filled in a pond with rubble and dirt without removing the turtles, fish, and frogs first. These animals were buried alive. *(After calling 3 members from the City who are directly involved and getting 3 different explanations, we don't know what is true.) Fact is, they are disturbing this wildlife habitat in the midst of breeding/hatching season. They plan to do the same to the much larger pond basin just 60 feet away. This larger pond is also teaming with life. Newly hatched ducklings are everywhere and nests of ducks and other birds are on the ground. We are asking for signatures from all over, from people who feel that this is terribly wrong, to sign this petition and keep these animals safe and unharmed. There is a protected species of frog, The Red-Legged Frog in the pond, and we are waiting for Fish & Wildlife to come out and do a count.

There was a promise made that the larger Pond would be left untouched until all the ducklings fledged and that they would not do the same to the second basin until that time. Meanwhile, they hired a biologist who said that he did not see any wildlife (including the present PROTECTED Red Legged Frog), however, he was not present for the draining. We understand that all species of fish may not be moved - but they must be humanely euthanized first, along with any other animals they "don't see" (poisoning the pond before filling it in). We would like a biologist from the EPA or Fish & Wildlife to come out and asses on behalf of our town, not someone the City Council is paying.  *Updated fact:  by not supplying fresh water to the bigger basin, ALL the carp in this pond died, they were basically cooked alive. So much for "humanely euthanizing" them first (never happened).

* We are hoping to have the decision to fill in the pond reversed.  Many, not all, geese have been moved to a location the City is unwilling to share with its residents. But there are still flightless birds on the ground - now caged in with a perimeter fence around the entire area (along with no trespassing signs).

This Duck Pond is a cherished resource for many local residents to observe nature, find peace & tranquility, and is a much needed quick getaway from today's life's stresses.  The pond has been a much loved landmark of this neighborhood for 52 years.  We want the city officials to respect its history and to hear the many residents who do NOT want to lose this precious resource.