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LiveNation / Ticketmaster: Amend current policies regarding ADA ticket sales.

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This year many disabled fans were denied face value ticket purchases within the opening moments of LiveNation/Ticketmaster public on-sales due to "Accessible inventory being exhausted."  Currently, obnoxious quantities of ADA event tickets are available on second and third party ticket reselling websites.    

The ADA tickets listed on these ‘legal scalping’ sites range in prices of $165.00 to upwards of $1000.00 each and are available for purchase by anyone willing to pay.  ADA tickets are being described as *Premium Seats* *Front Row Seats* and my personal favorite; *Hard To Get Section* in the resellers‘ comments.  Common face value for the majority of these tickets actually falls closer to a range of $45.00-$85.00.

LN/TM don't require medical necessity documentation to secure an ADA ticket purchase.  Blatantly grazing around the notion in their response to this petition that to do so would be an infringement of ADA rights.  Many industry fan clubs offering pre-public ticket sales require such documentation to be on file at time of ticket requests being made.  As a purchaser of ADA tickets I support this requirement fully.

Via recent phone conversation, venue staff stated that I could no longer purchase accessible seating through the venues own onsite box office (as I had in previous years) specifically and singularly because "LN/TM had removed the venues privilege". 

Another change, the venues ADA ticket request limits had been raised by LN/TM from 1 ADA +1 companion ticket to 1 ADA +3 companions. Though there were still no available face value tickets for purchase. 

Yet another contribution to the lack of available public-sale ADA tickets could be that many were being held for potential LN/TM CitiCard sponsored pre-sale customers.  The fact that this pre-sale had expired and these ADA tickets were still being reserved apparently had no bearing, until complaints were received through numerous fan inquiries which coincidentally proceeded a small quantity of tickets being released back into the public availability pool days after many fans had already attempted purchases only to be told ADA tickets were sold out.

After further researching; many of the second party ticket resellers currently in possession of these grossly inflated value ADA tickets are none-the-less than the very subsidiaries of Live Nation/Ticketmaster themselves.

It seems fairly obvious that the combination of LN/TM removing direct venue ADA ticket sales, the increase of companion ticket request limits and the holding of unsold pre-sale ADA ticket reserves has allowed a surprizing quantity of ADA tickets to funnel directly into second and third party reselling markets.

In my personal experience; if you require an accessible seat for yourself or companion through LN/TM be prepared to sign in to their website well before public on-sale starts, it's also a good idea to already be waiting on hold via phone for an automated sales representitive (in case you don't receive a confirmation email once you've swiftly and successfully entered your request on the accessible tickets request form). Finally hold your breath, cross your fingers and hope you won't be told just moments later that "We've already checked the venue's inventory and at this time all accessible inventory is exhausted."

However as disabled Americans, our right to purchase those 'sold out' ADA tickets at up to ten times each tickets original value through LN/TM subsidiaries is thoroughly protected!  This fact alone exemplifies LiveNation/Ticketmaster's ADA policy failures and suggests a direct intent of profiting in a 'legal' but all too malicious, system manipulating manner.

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