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Make Hinjawadi a #LiveableHinjawadi

Hinjawadi IT Park (villages named Hinjawadi, Maan, Nehre, Marunji, Jambe etc ) is second home for IT professionals in Pune, all major IT companies have offices in Hinjawadi. Over the past few years Hinjwadi has also been transformed into big residential area of Pune. The suburb has always been neglected when it comes to provide basic amenities to around 50,000 residents living in Hinjawadi area. The residents are suffering due to lack of basic necessities, poor infrastructure.

The area lacks major basic necessities such as Water supply, proper road development, footpaths, sewage treatment system, parks, public transport, traffic management, security, safety.

We the residents of Hinajwadi request authorities to make Hinjawadi Liveable for the better future of residents. We request to make Hinjawadi a #LiveableHinjawadi.

Hereby, under the movement #LiveableHinjawadi, we petitioners as mentioned below 

Petitioners and Affected Parties- 

1. Residents of Hinjawadi area
2. Local Business nearby Hinjawadi
3. Transporters & Drivers
4. Patients, Senior Citizens, Kids, People seeking emergency services. 
5. Police and Traffic police personnel

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To - 

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, CMO-Maharashtra Government, Prime Minister Office,India , Ministry of Urban Development, Guardian Minster of Pune Mr. Ajit Pawar,  PMRDA, MIDC, and PCMC

Demands - 

1. Water Supply

a) Piped drinking water supply for all residents as per norms of 135 litres per person per day.
b) Separate water storage tanks for every large residential zone.
c) Water Filtration plants along Mula for processing drinking water
d) Government to draw water from Mula river as Kasarsai dam project is not yet commenced.

2. Road Development of entire area

a) Encroachment free roads to be developed as per IRC norms
b) LED Street Lights, Footpaths, Dividers, Zebra Crossings, Signals, Speed Breakers etc.
c) Ring Road to have Multi Nodal transport hub at Hinjawadi route.

3. Reservation Plot development for Amenity areas

a) Garden/Playground/Community Hall for citizens in every square km area.
b) Fire Brigade/Primary Health Centre/Ambulance (108) in Hinjawadi,Maan and Marunji

 4. Security, Safety & Health

a) CCTV Cameras on roads, signals, circle, entrance, exit of townships.
b) Police Patrolling team on bikes
c) Police chowkies near townships at Maan , Marunji
d) Set up of good quality & affordable health services by introducing Hosiptals and clinics in Hinjawadi.

5. Preservation & Protection of Environment

a) Garbage segregation and processing plants for dry and wet waste
b) Sewage Treatment plant.
c) Provision for societies to drain treated water and sludge in common sweage treatment plant. 
c) Increase green cover by tree plantation as per Maharashtra Tree Act
d) Recharge of groundwater as per norms of Central Groundwater Authority

6. Citizen Participation & Monthly Grievance hearings

a) Monthly Area Sabha meetings to be conducted by PMRDA
b) PMRDA office to be based at Hinjawadi with Citizen Grievance centre.
c) Citizen Grievance registration system with token,feedback,suggestion system like SARATHI ( PCMC) to be implemented
d) Citizen members to be nominated on Planning Committee for Development plans for Hinjawadi,Maan,Marunji .

7. Public transportation

a) PMPML buses frequency and routes to be increased
b) Feeder electric mini buses for point to point travel 
c) Public parking plazas to be constructed
d)  E-rickshaws to be introduced
e)  Shared bicycle scheme to be introduced

8. Pune Metro coordination committee for Metro route in Hinjawadi

a) Citizens participatory committee of residents to be formed for Metro
b) This is to ensure road widening is done, encroachments are removed before work commences.
c) Metro to ensure feeder transport hubs are established and work does not inconvenience residents.

9. Multi nodal Transport hub at Wakad octroi post / Hinjawadi Metro Station

a) Hinjawadi Metro station to be developed as multi nodal transport hub
b) Multilevel parking with daily, monthly pass
c) Bus station for outstation and city buses ,
d) Feeder transport hub for e-mini buses , e-rickshaws, cycle sharing etc.

10. Merger of Hinjawadi into Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation ( resolved by Hinjawadi Gram Panchayat in 2014) , the adjoining villages of Maan and Marunji also to be merged into PCMC.


Convener - Hinjawadi IT Park Residents Welfare Association (HiRWA)

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/HIRWA.Hinjawadi/

Twitter @HIRWA_Hinjawadi

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