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Remove Speed Bumps in Pinewood Village

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Recently there were speed bumps placed in Pinewood Village neighborhood where I live. These speed bumps are too excessive and unnecessary. I have back pains from an Injury and it is painful for me to drive over them (even at speeds less than 1 MPH). In addition, my wife is pregnant, and I am concerned these speed bumps are detrimental to her health.

I have an 8 year old son and one more child on the way; I understand the need for safety; however there are a few parents who are careless and allow their kids to play in the streets like it is a playground. I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 4 years and I do not see the justification for speed bumps. When parents allow their children to play in the road and vehicles are traveling the speed limit or even 10MPH, it will appear as though people are speeding (by the way, FL speed limit in residential road is 25MPH).

There are side-walks on both sides of the road and all residents have back yards; therefore childern should never have a need to play in the streets.

The poor choice of a few parents is infringing on the rights of the entire community. I have spoken with many members of the neighborhood and they do not wish to have these speed bumps. They do not feel these speed bumps are warranted. I have also seen some residents driving on the lawn to avoid the speed bumps and some resident placing unsightly objects on the curb to prevent residents from doing so. These speed bumps have become a major nuisance to the community.

These speed bumps are meant for parking lots, not for the road. The speed bumps are also causing damages to our vehicles. The arches on the bumps are too excessive for a thru way road.

These speed bumps were placed in our community without just cause; therefore we urge the community board to remove them.

Please support this petition as these speed bumps are detrimental to our health, our vehicles and they are also going to negatively impact our home values.

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