Reverse policy to allow in LED Toys for Paradiso 2014

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LED toys have become an extension of what we love about music. It gives us an opportunity to express ourselves through movement. The art of finger tutting, gloving, hooping, staffing, poi-ing, etc. has exploded into a culture that exists in a symbiotic relationship with electronic music. 

Each individual in attendance can most likely point to one friend who has invested time and money into this artform. None of whom did so to remain locked up in their homes practicing in front of their mirrors, they worked with Paradiso in mind. Now their "mainstage" has been torn away with less than two weeks remaining. Not only are USCs' business practices unethical, they are a display of ignorance towards the culture they are trying to host and serve. 

If harm reduction is truly the goal, implementation of big brother policies have never been a successful method of reaching said goal. USC illustrated awareness of this concept with their progressive "message" implemented at FreakNight 2013. The new model produced a successful event with very little collateral damage.

As stated under the "Rules and Safety" page on the Paradiso homepage, "Please understand that any and all rules for Paradiso Festival have been instituted with the safety of all of our guests in mind. These rules have been collectively agreed upon by Law Enforcement/Security Company/Venue Staff/USC to ensure a safe and enjoyable time is afforded to all attendees."There is simply no rational explanation as to how the banning of LED toys will enhance attendee's enjoyment and safety. The backlash is a clear indicator of the effect this will have on enjoyment. As far as safety is concerned, hundred of thousands of dollars are invested in visual production for ALL live music events. With this logic in mind, all live music should be held in the dark.

We are the ambassadors for your events and your message, don't turn around and throw us a (non LED covered) middle finger.



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