Clean Up Faster Horses

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Lets show BOC how much we care about the amazing festival he brings to us!

Every year there are a large number of campers that absolutely trash the Faster Horses Festival Campgrounds. These "campers" make the rest of us look bad and cost the festival undisclosed amounts of money. Undoubtedly costs will continue to rise if something is not done. In addition to rising costs, these "campers" make everyone look bad and give the festival a bad name. While the majority of the Faster Horses Family are good, honest people that are respectful, it only takes a few bad eggs to make us all smell rotten. Now is the time for change.

I am offering real solutions to change this behavior.

1. If you leave your site a mess, you will lose your presale option, thus losing your site.

2. You will no longer be able to purchase campsites in your name.

3. The person that purchased the site will be charged a campsite cleaning fee equal to the cost of the site. This penalty will also cut down on scalping as no one will want to get charged a cleaning fee for a site they didn't even use.