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Drop Myleene Klass as the face of Littlewoods

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We the undersigned call upon you, Littlewoods to part company with Myleene Klass. This is because Miss Klass has shown herself to be an inappropriate representative for a brand such as yours which is aimed at customers who have to pay for their belongings in installments because they cannot afford to pay up front.


 Littlewood's customers who pay weekly for the items they cannot afford to buy upfront- especially at Christmas time- are among the most hard hit by Britain's current economic hardships.


 Littlewoods, there has been a huge public outcry from your customers who feel humiliated and demoralised by the comments of your public face Miss Myleene Klass.


 Many feel- as you can read in the reasons people have given for signing this petition- that Miss Klass is an inappropriate representative for the company they buy from in installments. Obviously these people are far from wealthy and many profess to be struggling very badly in these difficult financial times.


 The public members who have signed this petition have done so for the following reasons:


 * Miss Klass failed to balance her comments on her perceived unfairness of the Mansion Tax with reference to the Bedroom tax which has crippled the finances of many a British family- very many of those are your own customers.


 *Miss Klass (estimated net worth in 2012 £11 million), made comments that many members of the public feel show she is out of touch with the life of the everyday person such as her stating that £2 million was a is small amount to spend on a property.  In particular the statement describing the amount of £2 million as barely enough to buy a garage was seen to be in bad taste.


 What this petition is not about:


*This petition is not about undermining the right to free speech. Myleene Klass has a right to say what she wants whenever she should want. What she cannot control however is the outcome of her words. Myleene's words have offended a considerable number of the Littlewoods customer base and as a result they feel unvalued by Littlwoods. 


 "This petition takes no interest in the parties involved in the discussion with Myleene Klass in which these comments were made. This includes Ed Miliband. A small selection of people signing the petition have made mention of him in both positive and negative ways.  These opinions are independent and not related to the petition.


 Littlewoods, we who have signed the petition ask you to reconsider your business relationship with Myleene Klass if she is not willing to apologise for the offence her remarks have caused customers of your company. Neither Littlewoods or Miss Klass have released a statement regarding these issues and the signatories of this petition are disappointed by this.



However, the public continues to look forward to your positive engagement on this issue.

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