Little Mix: Leave Syco - #littlemixleavesyco

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This is a petition to inform Little Mix, Sony and Modest Management that we want Little Mix to leave their label.

As Mixers, we've known the struggles of our group due to horrendous tour cycles / terrible promo. Our girls are being overworked, examples are Jesy breaking down into tears last year, Jade losing her voice and all four girls struggling through their GD tour, multiple shows in one day, sometimes 4 shows in two days, nothing an artist should go through.

While breaking from their label will be rough as they most at risk of losing most of their songs as they belong to Syco, if the girls form a strong enough legal team, I'm sure they can win.

And if they did leave, the girls could do what multiple artists like Beyonce, Lauren Jauregui and Linkin Park have done, form their own label, this way, they have control over their profits and touring cycle, something I highly doubt they have under Syco.

So please fellow Mixers, and general fans of Little Mix, please sign this petition and make our voices heard.

Remember what Rebecca Ferguson posted on Twitter about her treatment under Syco? Little Mix may be going through the same, but are remaining silent.

Well, we won't. If Little Mix doesn't want to stand up and fight, then we will.