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Little feet in heaven~ A cry for help! STOP CHILD ABUSE!

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Hi my name is Debbie James and this is for the Love of Devin Drake, a very handsome little boy with a bright smile and so much love to give, a happy little boy whos life was cut so short by wild and angry hands. I am in hopes he can make something good come out of the horrible tragic thing that took his life, at the age of three. Also for Brooklyn Nicole Branham who was killed at the age of two just 5 years ago by blunt force trauma to the head. Brooklyn was a happy child and I loved her dearly, her convicted killer got life with out the possibility of parole for 20 years. In 20 years she could get out, I dare mention that in 20 years our sweet Brooklyn can't come back. I think there is a time to stand up, that time is now!!
Today there are more children than ever living in conditions of poverty and or in situations of drug/alcohol addicted parents. These parents become over whelmed with raising kids because they have a sickness! That does not give them a reason to hit, molest or starve their children, or any other form of abuse! Today I start this petition for Devin Drake, this morning he is being pulled from life support because of such angry hands, a little boy that did not have to die like this. The parents are in custody, but Devin can't be brought back. Nothing can bring him back, but we can make it so that abusers get max punishments and confinements for doing such horriffic things to a innocent child.

We have to fight back and take a stand to make these laws protect the children best we can. If for example we make the punishment life in imprisonment without parole spec's for abuse resulting in the death of a child. and 1/2 that term for physical harm not resulting in death and 1/4 that for severe neglect, or child endangerment depending on the severity of the case. A mandatory 10 years if they assist in anyway to the bullying of other children. These laws needs to be stronger so that people will think twice before hurting a child. If an abuser knows they will get life with no chance of parole for killing a child by form of beating, or any other form of abuse, they might think before they act.

Please join me in this fight to strengthen our Child abuse laws, make the punishments stiffer for a crime that so warrants Max punishments!

Sadly as I close this Devin passed away on the way to the operating room to be pulled from life support and be an organ donor at the same time. 9-4-2011 Rest in peace Devin. For the love of Devin, please sign this petition to reinforce harsher punishments for child abuse crimes!

STOP CHILD ABUSE~ Don't Be Scared of IT,Be Aware of IT!!

Thank you!

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