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A LittleBigPlanet 3 Redo "Littlebigplanet 3 remake"

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LittleBigPlanet 3 Is broken, and sumo won't fix it anytime soon. And so i want the game to be better and at least decently left as it should not left broken, and i think we should give sumo another chance to redo this entire game and make it how it should be. I love the LittleBigPlanet series, and i really want the third game to be a... well a game, not a broken game that doesn't get recognized by just a different company.


1. The things that are broken is the servers. The servers can be broken every time you try to join in with your friends the first time but you can join them on the second try. Explained: they've only fixed it a tiny bit of it only good enough to join people without lagging out, but not good enough to kick people out out of the blue.

2. sometimes your levels that you create on the moon will say "Failed to load level" and specially when you have friends with you when your trying to load into that level that you created. Explained: The failed to load level thing is ridiculous and it should've been fixed awhile back ago.

3. sometimes when you load your customize character of your saved costumes if you placed a sticker on your character's skin your friends will not see it until you reload it. Explained: This isn't a big issue but it is annoying sometimes and specially that you don't want to reload it.

4. When you have friends with you, and when it loads a level the game will kick them out and you'll be in single-player mode. Explained: it is very annoying specially when you want to play your favorite community level that you want to with your friends.

5. And finally the Will randomly crash on you and corrupt your profile save. Explained: This is another problem that i do not like about lbp3 and i always have to backup my save very often.


Please sign a petition to make this game what it needs to be. Thank you!

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