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Lithuanian State Court released a court order which warrants the abused girl to be taken away from her protectress aunt Neringa Venckiene and return to her mother who is suspected for pimping her out to pedophiles (high ranking pedophiles including court judges, wealthy businessmen and political representatives). Moreover, the court permitted the bailiff of taking the child by force, which by no means meets the DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. People and press in Lithuania are shocked by this action of bailiff and police against the child. We include the video, broadcasted on the local news, where you can see the brutal action:

No serious attempt of an investigation of the high ranking pedophile clan has ever been made. Lithuanian Courts made countless brutal violations of Constitution of the Republic Lithuania and Declaration of the Rights of the Child in an attempt to return the girl to her mother as the girl is growing and will soon be able to speak for her self. Through the ongoing saga the girl has already suffered major trauma: first from the sexual assaults on her, then the loss of her father who fought to bringing those responsible to justice and was found dead and tortured. This case was led by several more mysterious deaths, presented as “accidental” deaths. In this video the authorities fail to take the girl as she was left in the clutches of her grandmother scratched, bruised and traumatized. You can see and hear the girl screaming she "doesn't want to go" as her mother tries to pull her away. They failed to take her this time but they will probably be back with another court order soon. We can only stop them if we spread this incredibly horrible story as far as we can for only international pressure from the world can save the girl from death. PLEASE REACT AND HELP TO SAVE THE 8 YEAR OLD GIRL DEIMANTE! We demand to uphold any decision about child's custody until criminal case about her molestation will be held. Her mother needs to face the trial.

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