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Protest Hopsin's "Happy Endings" Single & Music Video

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October 31, 2017

RE: Regarding the Problem with Hopsin’s single “Happy Ending”

Dear Hopsin, Undercover Prodigy, and All Music Streaming Companies,

It was extremely shocking and disappointing to see Hopsin, who is supposedly known for his progressive critiques on society, release a single that is so ill-informed, generalizing, and humiliating.  The video and lyrics to “Happy Ending” are blatantly racist and sexist, oppressing the community of Asian American women. The inaccurate representations of Asian women is abundant in American media, especially in hip hop culture.  We are often portrayed as a sexual fantasy, and (for some reason) almost always linked with Asian food.  For example, The Weeknd’s lyric off his new track “Reminder” states: “Got a sweet Asian chick, she go lo mein”.  Another example, in “Over My Dead Body”, Drake raps “Shout out to my Asian girls, let the lights dim sum.” These artists perpetuate the damaging stereotype that Asian women can only be represented through exotification and sexualization.

These Asian women are depicted as speaking with heavy Asian accents, demeaning those who struggle with English because it is not their first language.  Why is someone learning English considered a laughable matter? Out of all the various lifestyles that Asian American women are leading today, Hopsin chose to highlight sex work. In the video, Asian models are explicitly depicted as a commodity that can be bought and sold. To add insult to injury, there are graphic scenes in which they are having sex with Hopsin. How is the demeaning, fetishized images of Asian woman in mass media considered acceptable? While some would think that this behaviour is entertaining, we want to make it clear that it is outright racist and sexist. Asian women do not exist to please anyone. We face a globalized crisis where women all over the world are exploited in the sex industry, many of the victims are but children.  The messages from this video condones this exploitation and participates in the furthering of the crisis by normalizing the sex industry as glamorous, rather than harmful and dangerous.

There has been tremendous damage done to the Asian community due to the release of “Happy Ending”. We strongly urge you to cut ties with Hopsin’s single “Happy Ending.”  We ask that you be socially responsible and pull this song and anything related to it off ALL streaming sites immediately. Financial profit from offensive material like this does not belong in today’s age of progression and fight against bigotry. Even after a month of this single’s release, major media outlets have yet to address its problematic rhetoric. The pain and anger invoked by these forms of racism, similar to blackface and cultural appropriation of other races, are felt deeply by the Asian American community.  Hopsin’s “Happy Ending” does not belong in mainstream media in 2017. It does not belong anywhere. Period. As consumers, we refuse to be complicit in the harmful perpetuation of demeaning, racist misconceptions of our community. We ask our allies to be vigilant in shutting down this kind of behavior and would greatly appreciate your cooperation in moving forward.  


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