keep our barmah brumbies

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Hi I'm Jeimba,
I'm a Mount Kosciusko Brumby
I'm one of the lucky ones
I'm Kind
I'm Love-able
I'm Cuddly
I am also loved by a little girl who cherish me who loves me who doesnt think i am feral she takes me for who i am a BRUMBY

Let me tell you something....

I'm not feral i am just scared
I'm like you I bleed red i cry i hurt you might not see it but i do.

do you like it when called nasty hurtful names like your feral?
I don't i can do what your fancy horses can do just give me the time and i will show you, Just remember i am not feral i am just scared

I'm lucky i get pats carrots apples brushed and cuddles i'm not ridable just yet but give me time and i will be you will see me in that ring some day with my little rider upon my back just remember I'm not feral I'm just scared

now you question why am i writing this every day i am losing a brother a sister a family we are getting culled out of your home land our bush we have run though for 150 odd years because the government think its the right thing to do we are getting ether ran into yards and getting put to sleep or while we are running open ranged we are getting shot we are dieing a slowly and painful death now i ask you pull a $10 note out of your pocket have a close look at it what do you see........... Brumbies running wild and free now all i ask is we all need to get behind each other here and fight to keep our Brumbies in our forrest and not in a tin of dog food but i cant fight this alone i need your help...... its not just Kosciusko that losing out its our locals too our Barmah Brumbies are on the list to be taken out... Please Help Us TODAY..... Share the enjoyment i do share our future with our kids and our grandkids without you these beautiful animals are nothing but dog food please help keep them alive and free