Save the Mahindra Roxor and Keep Competition Alive!

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has filed a complaint against Mahindra to try and block them from manufacturing, selling, or even advertising their new off-road vehicle, called "Roxor" in the United States. If the International Trade Commission does what FCA wants, not only will Mahindra not be able to compete in an open market with Jeep to ensure we are getting the highest-quality vehicles, but the move will force the new automotive plant in Auburn Hills, MI -the first new plant in the region in 25 years - out of commission and force over 300 people out of great auto manufacturing jobs.

We call on you, Secretary Barton, to protect the market and these good people's jobs by urging the Commission to decide in favor of Mahindra and prevent them being barred from selling and manufacturing their vehicles here in the US!