Improve Safety for Cyclists and Drivers in Mount Diablo State Park by installing Solid Double Yellow lines on appropriate Blind Curves to reduce collisions between bicycles and/or motorists.

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Improve Safety for Cyclists and Drivers in Mount Diablo State Park by installing Solid Double Yellow lines on appropriate Blind Curves to reduce collisions between bicycles and/or motorists.

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Mount Diablo Beacon Initiative to Honor Veterans started this petition to Lisa Mangat, Director, California State Parks

We believe driving and riding the paved roads of Mount Diablo State Park is unsafe for the following reasons:

· drivers pass cyclists going uphill on blind curves, driving in the wrong lane and endangering oncoming cars and cyclists

· drivers and cyclists exceed safe speeds traveling downhill

We believe that Mount Diablo State Park can be made safer for cyclists and motorists by:

· changing the center line of the roads from Broken Yellow lines to Solid Double Yellow lines where appropriate, such as around blind curves

· installing advisory signs to instruct motorists regarding blind curves, and where it is safe and unsafe to pass

· providing educational materials to visitors regarding safe driving and riding behavior

Last year between 130,000 – 150,000 cyclists rode up Mount Diablo State Park and 232,651 motorists drove. Over half of all the vehicles in the park are bicycles! 

On weekends there are usually twice as many bicycles as vehicles on Mount Diablo. This significant change has occurred over the last ten years. The park and mountain are now a major destination for cyclists.  Yet there is almost no recognition of this huge new user group. Very little has been done to improve the safety for cyclists and motorists in the park!

Unfortunately, the roads are nearly unchanged since their construction over a century ago. Lanes are narrow or substandard, there is little to no shoulder, and road markings are faded broken lines on all three roads in the park. There are 279 curves with many of them blind curves, an accident waiting to happen!

When climbing, cyclists are much slower than motorists. Motorists often become impatient and pass in unsafe locations.  Most cyclists, and many motorists, can tell of near misses and other dangerous situations involving passing on Blind Curves. When there is an accident, the cyclist is obviously the most vulnerable. We recently asked 100 cyclists who ride up Mount Diablo on a regular basis; have you experienced near miss collisions? All 100 said yes, multiple times!

Near Miss collisions between cyclists vs. motorists and motorists vs. motorists are the norm, not the exception in Mount Diablo State Park.  

According to park staff; “80%-90% of motorists are either 1st time visitors or have not driven in the park in over 10 years. They have very little experience driving on the narrow roads with hundreds of cyclists ascending/descending on weekends.” According to park staff, motorists and cyclists; replacing faded broken lines with Solid Double Yellow Lines on Blind Curves would “help remind motorists and cyclists to stay in their lanes, pass when safe and reduce near miss, and actual collisions.

According to the Mount Diablo Paved Road Collision Report which reviewed 112 Road Traffic Reports from 2010 to 2014:

  • Approximately 1 road collision every 2 weeks
  • 23 Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions
  • 20 of 23 Vehicles crossed the Center Line
  • 70% of collisions occur on or near blind curves.
  • Recent Bike vs. Vehicle Collisions: August 22nd,      September 26th and October 2nd 2015 

According to park staff: “if the number of non-reported paved road collisions involving bicycles and/or vehicles were included in reports, the overall totals would be significantly higher.”

All most all cyclists had visible injuries (minor/moderate/serious) Most Collisions required medical responses, fire department, ambulance (over $1,000), and/or helicopter (approx. $24,000) to a local hospital

It’s not a question of if there will be a serious injury and/or fatality on Mount Diablo State Park, but WHEN?

We need you and your friends to sign this petition to help improve the safety for the thousands of cyclists and motorists who visit Mount Diablo State Park each year.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to reading your comments.



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This petition had 1,223 supporters

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