Stop rezoning and establishment of gas station at Windy Hill Rd Benson Poole intersection

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Gas and transformer stations already exist directly across the street from Smyrna Grove subdivision along Windy Hill Rd. Cemeteries, transformer and gas stations all diminish property value. Cobb County and the City of Smyrna do not need a host of properties in the area going down hill and / or being foreclosed on due to an unnecessary convenience store and gas station. In addition, we do not want the introduction of additional crime based on the type of establishment that the client intends on building. Two gas stations currently exist within a 1000 feet of the location of the proposed gas station. Any other type of revenue generating and value increasing (for residential homes) business listed under the current LRC zoning code is acceptable. A GAS STATION IS NOT. By signing this petition you agree that you are opposed to the rezoning of .937 acres located at 478 Windy Hill Rd from LRC to NRC.