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Lionsgate: Re-release A Hard Day's Night in color in theaters for the 50th Anniversary

The Beatles were the most influential group in history, their influence is still around even today, so why not honor their first movie with a re-release? This slap-stick comedy is hilarious at any age, and is filled with music that changed the world. With John, "the clever one", Paul, "the cute one", George, "the quiet one", and Ringo, "the funny one", the undying beauty of the Beatles can be remembered by all in color, updating the 1964 black-and-white version. Even the fool on the hill will watch, so its time we bring the boys back.

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Lions Gate Entertainment Brittany Olsen
Will you please re-release A Hard Day's Night in theaters in color for the 50th Anniversary? It is such and iconic movie, and the Beatles are such an iconic band, they deserve to have another chance on the big screen.

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