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Prequel for The Hunger Games: Finnick and Annie + Cato and Clove

Hunger Games fans across the world instantly became infatuated with Cato and Clove, district 2 tributes from the 74th Annual Hunger Games, along with Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta, two surviving tributes from district 4. These two polar opposite couples have one thing in common, their lack of screen time that left many wishing for more.  Just a simple sentence in the first novel of the trilogy captured many fans' attention and led them to wonder, who were Cato and Clove along with Finnick and Annie? What were their lives like before the games? And for Cato and Clove, who exactly were they to each other? These questions were left unanswered both in the book and the limited time they had on screen, disappointing the "Clato" and "Odesta" fanbase. These characters make for an interesting story and we'd love to see it on the big screen. Hopefully this petition showing just how many people would be pleased if a movie on Cato and Clove along with Finnick and Annie was to be made will help inspire you to answer our wishes. Thank You.

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