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I loved the Hunger Games books. This amazing story with its parallels toward real world hunger inspired me to to help people whose stories are never broadcast on the silver screen. But Lionsgate is trying to shut down an anti-hunger initiative launched by fans like me.

I want to help people who've been treated all their lives like pawns in a big game. I was thrilled that there was a campaign called “Hunger Is Not A Game” initiated by the Imagine Better Project to channel fan enthusiasm toward challenging the root causes of hunger. Now Lionsgate is playing the part of The Capitol by challenging our campaign because it “ is causing damage to Lionsgate and [their] marketing efforts.”

Instead of treating us like an enemy, Lionsgate should embrace our heart and hard work. Advocating to feed the hungry and bring about a change should celebrated. I know that together we can make a difference.

The Hunger is Not a Game initiative has already given me the opportunity to act on the themes that moved me within the Hunger Games series, and I’ve already been able to work end poverty and hunger--and it’s even gained the attention of The New York Times. Every fan should have the same opportunity.

Tell Lionsgate to stand with us, not against us.

Letter to
President of the Motion Picture Group, Lionsgate Joe Drake
Marketing, Lionsgate Tim Palen
Senior Vice President Business Affairs & Litigation Liat Cohen
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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Lionsgate.

Dear Lionsgate,

I am here to tell you that it is possible for fans and big power-house corporations to co-exist and harmonize. Have you seen the amazing feats fans have accomplished when instead of being challenged by corporations, they are celebrated?

Fans of the Harry Potter series have sent planes to Haiti and raised immense sums for disaster relief, as well as doing amazing work in communities all over the world. We wouldn’t have accomplished this, though, if those who owned the rights to the series had not given their blessing. Fighting against one another is not going to solve anything nor is it going to help change the world. We all want to make a difference and we want to be able to work together without there being a power struggle.

Fans are purely driven by their love for the story and for the messages they stand for. We have the heart that a truly successful campaign needs to make a difference in this world. Hunger Games fans do not want to compromise the success of the movie and book series that they love wholeheartedly, we want to combat the problems and issues that we learned about within the series in a creative and exciting way.

We ask that you please put down your bows and arrows and stand side by side with us to combat the injustices of hunger and the games that they have turned into. There is absolutely no reason we cannot work together and end hunger in our world. Even Katniss realized that you cannot fight evil on your own. It takes a village. So please, put down your bows and arrows and let us work together for change.



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