Change the DHS policy and bring baby cabbage patch home.

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Since 4 days old a beautiful little girl we call our little cabbage patch has been raised by two wonderful foster parents, those two parents being my sister and her husband, and that beautiful little girl? She is now ten months old. Our cabbage patch came into this world lacking the basic loving and nurturing environment all children deserve. That being said, my sister Ashley, along with her husband Samuel Glaspie, took in this baby to give her the proper care and love she was clearly lacking and most definitely deserved. All the while making sure cabbage patch met all milestones and gained the proper amount of weight when she was losing weight from complications from previous care. After my sister was told our cabbage patch was going to go up for adoption Ashley and Sam both immediately said they will take her. Two months into this whole ordeal, a long distance relative said they would like to adopt our cabbage patch, during this time Ashley and Samuel also had (unknowingly) started fostering cabbage patches two older relatives. Once news broke out about Ashley and Sam wanting to adopt little cabbage patch the relatives were in an uproar and made it very well known they do not want cabbage patch placed in a home with a parent with a disability (Ashley is wheelchair bound due to SMA, has two bio kids of her own, married, living on her own with her husband and kids, and lives just as normal of a life as an abled bodied person) DHS is now coming in ten months later saying they are moving cabbage patch tomorrow morning -03-29-18- to go live with the relative that would like to adopt her because policy states the child needs to be placed with blood family until the committee decides which family she is to be adopted to. A lot of people working at DHS do NOT agree with this move because cabbage patch sees Ashley and Sam as her mom and dad. She recognizes them and cries when she’s away from them. You cannot rip a child from the only loving family and home she has ever known to be placed with strangers because they are related by blood. Ashley and Sam are both willing to keep cabbage patch a part of her biological family with visitations, pictures, and phone calls. Please, help us stop them from traumatizing an innocent child that did not ask for any of this. Be the voice she cannot be for herself. Keep cabbage patch with her mommy, daddy, brother and sister until the committee decides where she’s to be placed.