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Lindt and Ferrero: End child slave labour in your chocolate this Easter #childslavery


Every time I see a Lindt bunny or a Ferrero Rocher, I think of my brother Edward. He’s nine years old, and he loves Easter. This Sunday, he’ll spend the day hunting for eggs, blissfully unaware that child slaves might have produced his favourite treats.

These children are sometimes only 7 or 8 years old. They’re fed barely enough to survive, often not paid a single cent, and they’re not allowed to go home -- if they try to escape from their isolated farms in West Africa, they’re brutally beaten by their captors.

Edward doesn’t have the faintest idea that such misery exists -- but I do. And I can’t accept that while almost every other major brand has introduced at least one product that's guaranteed to be made without the involvement of child slaves, Lindt and Ferrero refuse to do the same [1].

I’m calling on both companies to immediately commit to introducing products made without the involvement of child slaves.

Global brands like Nestle, Mars and Cadbury have already introduced products made from ethical cocoa, but Lindt and Ferrero are hoping to get away with doing nothing. By refusing to join the growing movement towards ethical cocoa, they’re hampering progress towards ending the terrible treatment of thousands of children -- many even younger than my little brother. There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Easter is just days away, and they’re both counting on huge sales to boost their profits. But we can use this time to send them a message -- we won’t allow them to avoid their responsibilities.

Please sign the petition help make sure Lindt and Ferrero take action to end any involvement of child slave labour in their supply chains.

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[1] Scorecard of different chocolate companies by World Vision. More information:

CNN report on child labour and trafficking in the cocoa industry.

Detailed World Vision report on how different chocolate companies approach the issue.

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Commit to fair trade chocolate and help stop child slave labour

This Easter, Lindt & Ferrero will sell chocolate that may have been produced by child slaves.

On remote, isolated cocoa farms in West Africa, boys and girls as young as seven are paid nothing and barely fed enough to keep them alive. They’re not allowed to go home -- if they try to escape, they are often brutally beaten.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Major brands have committed to independently certified fair trade chocolate, which is guaranteed to be free from this appalling exploitation. But Lindt & Ferrero aren't one of them.

As a long-time buyer of Lindt & Ferrero chocolate, I’m outraged -- and I’m asking them to publicly commit to at least one fair trade product, and a timeline for phasing out non-fair trade cocoa entirely.

Lindt says suppliers have to abide by its code of conduct, and that it only gets cocoa from Ghana -- but these conditions are impossible to enforce on remote farms, and Ghana still has a huge problem with child labour.

The only way to be sure that cocoa is produced without slaves is through one of the independent fair trade certification systems. Brands like Mars, Nestle and Cadbury have at least one fair trade product, so there’s nothing stopping Lindt or Ferrero from doing the same.

As one of the most well-known and influential chocolate brands, Lindt and Ferrero are setting a terrible example for the rest of the industry -- and its failure to support fair trade is contributing to the ongoing exploitation of thousands of children.

Please join me in asking Lindt & Ferrero to set the right example, and use its influence to help end the appalling practice of child slave labour in the cocoa industry.


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