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Allow the B.C. Rod and Gun Show to be held

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Surrey city council has postponed approval of a permit for the second annual B.C. Rod and Gun Show until the Surrey RCMP complete an evaluation of the show's security plan. Unfortunately, council doesn't meet again until April 11, four days before the event is scheduled to take place, so this new requirement may prevent the event from being held on schedule.


It appears that this additional roadblock is being put up because of the realization that some legal handguns may be sold legally as part of the rod and gun swap part of the show, as they were last year.

Last year's event was a fun, educational, family-friendly show, and it would be a shame if this year's show were cancelled due to exaggerated safety concerns over the legal sale of firearms to licensed firearm owners.

This petition asks Surrey city council to approve the permits necessary for the BC Rod and Gun Show to proceed on schedule. This event is important for thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen in BC, and contributes to the local Cloverdale economy. It would be a huge disappointment if it couldn't be held this year.

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