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Petitioning Lincolnshire County Council

Cut the plans to shut down local libraries in Lincolnshire

This campaign is an important way of bringing together local communities. Shutting down local libraries would not only cut members of the community off but it would also affect the local schools. Children get taken to local libraries in the afternoons to help further their education. Not only that but some people rely on the library for access to reading material, computers or even just for social gatherings. Not everybody can afford, or is able, to travel further distances to 'bigger libraries'.  We are starting this petition to help voice all the smaller communities and to help them stand up to Lincolnshire County Council Cabinet Members and their plans.
Letter to
Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council Cabinet Members - Councillors Martin Hill (Cons), Patricia Bradwell (Cons), Colin Davie(Cons), Peter Robinson(Cons), Richard Davies (Cons) Sue Woolley(Cons), Barry Young(Cons), Nick Worth(Cons) and Reg Shore (Lib Dem).

Lincolnshire’s libraries provide vital public services which many people and organisations depend on. Our library service must meet the differing needs of people across our county. Therefore our library services must be protected from cuts.

We oppose the proposed changes by Lincolnshire County Council to Lincolnshire’s Public Library service. Specifically we want to see:-

· All of our libraries to remain open
· None of our libraries to be privatised or outsourced
· Existing library opening hours to be kept
· Our mobile library service to be maintained at its current level
· No cuts to computer equipment or access
· No cuts to library staff jobs, hours or working conditions
· No public library buildings to be sold off