Stop the development of an RV Campground at HWY 77 & Davey Road. Special Permit #SP19051


Stop the development of an RV Campground at HWY 77 & Davey Road. Special Permit #SP19051

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Brian Campbell started this petition to Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department / Lancaster County Commissioners

There is a proposed RV Park and campground to be located to the corner of Hwy. 77 and Davey Rd. A letter was sent  in October, informing residents within one mile of the proposed location, of an informational meeting to review the development plans. There are many concerns about the major impact this campground will have on the neighborhood and the surrounding areas

It is a major struggle to enter and exit the intersection of Hwy 77 and Davey Road.  The amount of car and truck traffic has always been significant.  However, with the newly increased speed limit, it is nearly impossible to cross and/or enter this intersection safely.

At the informational meeting, it was said that there would be NO TURN LANE and NO TRAFFIC/TURN SIGNAL  required  due to the fact that “CAMPERS WOULD BE MAKING RIGHT HAND TURNS” off the Hwy.  There was also an indication that the newly increased speed limit would not be reduced for the intersection.   

With the majority of these “campers” leaving the campground (heading south towards the interstate), they will have to make a LEFT HAND TURN against 70MPH (or higher) traffic (pulling a camper).  It is VERY DIFFICULT now (with a single vehicle) to cross and/or enter the intersection. Imagine the difficult and treacherous maneuver these campers (and the public) will encounter. 

Another major concern is the water supply. 

The planning commission only makes its calculation for water usages off of registered wells.  In researching this issue I understand that approximately 70% of wells are NOT registered in the Lower Platte South District. How can water usage be calculated accurately with this large of discrepancy?  

Water in this area is (has always been), a major concern, as indicated by the recent voting down of the chicken confinement facility.  With ongoing water concerns in this area, what will the impact be with the addition of over 240 full water hookup campsites, along with a swimming pool, multiple laundry areas, bathrooms, etc.?

Another concern is wastewater.  With over 240 camping  sites and other amenities , what will the environmental impact of the chemicals used in the RVs, campers, pools, wastewater, laundry, etc. be to  the surrounding area, including Ashland Creek, and the Saline Wetlands should flooding or any other breach occur?

What will the impact be on local law enforcement?  What will be the impact on rural fire/EMT personnel (which are primarily volunteers)?

What will be the financial impact on nearby properties?  Property values will most likely go down which in turn would will property tax revenue for the county.  

What is the impact of the additional noise, light pollution, loss of privacy in the area, increased traffic, wear and tear on roads, smoke from campfires, crowds (residents and visitors),  higher volume of recreational vehicles; dust, the increased water usage and the traffic hazards?

Another concern is with the length of stay allowed by the campground.  At the informational meeting, the campground was being presented as a family oriented, vacation spot for weekend and seasonal campers.  In the notes of the permit, it appears a person(s) can occupy 180 days at a time which would be conducive to more permanent residents such as construction workers.  This type of resident would have less of an interest regarding the campground itself, the people, and the affect it would have on the community and surrounding area.

This proposed "campground" is not in the best interest of the citizens and land usage of this area and would strongly urge you to sign in opposition of this proposed development.



This petition made change with 862 supporters!

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