Justice for Layla

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For the love of puppers, we need your help.

Yesterday, Layla got out and visited our older neighbor. He was playing and petting her, then sent her home. Seconds later, he heard a gunshot and Layla came running back to him bleeding. She had been shot in a neighborhood less than 100 yards from the old man. He raced her to the vet but sadly she did not make it. The Lincoln County Sherrif's Department launched an immediate investigation and found her killer immediately. He admitted to the deed, and for some reason decided shooting her in the chest was a good idea. He also shot in the direction of a family home in order to get her. The Sherrif's Department seized his firearms. He confessed and is charged with two felonies. Now, the man is still free and has yet to have a court date. Animal cruelty is a felony here, but they are not treating it as such! He even admitted to it all! Below is the County Attorneys number you can call to remind them just how serious this is: (406)293-2717

If Layla's case won't be taken seriously even with a confession, then will there ever be justice for any other puppers?
Also, all money donated to us (as a reward to find her killer) by the community of Eureka, will be donated to the local Animal Shelter.