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Limit Stocking Rates for Free Range Egg Farming to 1500 Hens per Hectare.

Free Range means Free to Range. Free means unrestricted opportunity for natural behavior. Range means adequate and suitable space to enjoy natural behavior. This can not be achieved at Stocking Densities higher than 1500 Hens per Hectare. It is not Environmentally sustainable. It is not in the best interests of the Welfare of the Hens. It does not meet Consumer expectations. The only reason for a Stocking Rate of 20,000 Hens per Hectare is to exploit the Environment, Consumers and the Welfare Rights of the Hens to meet the "need for greed" of BIG Supermarkets and BIG Corporate Factory Farmers. It is WRONG. The right to Intensive Egg Farming should not be taken away, but appropriately termed "Barn Yard". Create a new and appropriate term of Barn Yard Egg Production for stocking densities between 5,000 and 20,000 Hens per hectare. It is not a right to HIJACK the term 'Free Range' for Intensive Egg Farming as proposed (and is already occurring without any conscience or shame) by the Australian Egg Corporation Limited. Free Range is Free to Range and Barn Yard is a Barn with a Yard - Is that too simple?

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  • Minister for Agriculture, Australian Federal Government
    The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP
  • Rooster in Chief
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Leader of the Nationals
    Barnaby Joyce

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