Say No To Homeless Navigation Center at Fremont Downtown

Say No To Homeless Navigation Center at Fremont Downtown

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The City of Fremont Council is proposing a Homeless Navigation Center (HNC) at the City Hall parking lot (3300 Capitol Ave). We support the idea of helping the less fortunate, but oppose the location.   

Please sign to join us in saying “No to Homeless Navigation Center at Fremont Downtown.”

While we respect all opinions regarding this matter, we would like to express our concerns as residents nearby. (Please let us know your support or concerns at:

1) Impact to children – the proposed site is 2 blocks from a school serving 320 students, 1 block away from a new residential community of 157 homes and 2 blocks away from a residential community of ~450 units (one of the largest in Fremont). The city failed to include this in its site evaluation. Below is the list of nearby schools, daycare centers, and after school programs serving over 6,500 children.

o   BASIS Independent Fremont (0.7 miles, 320[1] students)

o   Washington High School (1 mile, FUSD school, 1822[2] students)

o   Centerville Junior High School (1.4 miles, FUSD school, 961 students)

o   Walters Junior High School (1.5 miles, FUSD school, 729 students)

o   Parkmont Elementary School (1.5 miles, FUSD school, 895 students)

o   Brier Elementary School (1.2 miles, FUSD school, 754 students)

o   Stratford School (1 mile, 150 students)

o   Prince of Peace Christian School (1 mile, 875 students)

o   Little Apples Preschool (0.4 miles, 140 students, opening this fall)

o   Little Tree Montessori International School (0.7 miles)

o   Ereno Daycare (0.9 miles)

o   Fremont KinderCare (0.4 miles)

o   Nurture Kids Preschool (0.8 miles)


City Hall is also within walking distance to Fremont Main Library, Lake Elizabeth/Central Park, Fremont Teen Center, and Aqua Adventure Water Park. These are the places where children from across Fremont and the Tri-City spend their afternoons, weekends, holidays, and school breaks. The safety of kids should be the priority of any City action.

2) Impact to downtown revitalization – A HNC in the heart of downtown will hinder Fremont’s ability to attract and retain local businesses. There are over 200 stores and restaurants within walking distance to the site, including Gateway Plaza (50 businesses), Fremont Hub (69 businesses), Crossroads Shopping Center (21 businesses), Walnut Plaza (11 businesses), Whole Foods mall (6 businesses) and Fremont Plaza (21 businesses). An HNC could jeopardize efforts to transform downtown into a thriving, walkable, and safe city center because people will avoid downtown.  This could eventually impact the City’s financial capability to carry out further development, which includes continuously helping local homeless people.

3) High cost to build and site limitation – Due to its unique location, the City Hall parking lot has no utility infrastructure and will very likely incur the highest cost to build and construction delays (such as demolishing paved ground to build underground transformers).  In addition, the City Hall parking lot is available for only 5 years due to the city’s plans to sell the site for redevelopment. Experts estimate that due to the unique location and all the city code constraints, it would be extremely costly to build here. Spending such an amount to establish a center that can operate for only 5 years, and demolish the building including all infrastructure is financially irresponsible. Also, according to the current plan, the city will spend more money to relocate the center. The city should find a more permanent method to help. 

4) Quality of life for homeless clients - Director of the proposed HNC, stated that homeless clients need a secluded and tranquil environment for rehabilitation. The City Hall parking lot does not meet this requirement. It is located in a high-density, heavy foot-traffic area. Furthermore, the site lacks the space and physical/natural protection necessary to serve as a safe haven for homeless clients. Because the site lacks privacy, clients will be subjected to the scrutiny and glare of the public. In selecting a site for the center, the city should prioritize the needs of homeless clients and select a site in accordance with their need for not only convenience, but also privacy.


We request the Fremont City Council to remove the City Hall parking lot as a site for the Homeless Navigation Center.


[1] Source: for private schools

[2] Source: for public schools



0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!