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Lilly the Deer: Save her from being removed from her family

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Five years ago in Genesee County, MI a female deer was hit by a car outside of a couple's home.  The deer then went into labour suddenly and produced twins, one of which died at the road side, the other in rough shape.  The couple were unsure of what to do with the near dead other baby so called the police.  Once they arrived, the couple asked if they could try to save the fawn.  The police officer responded that the fawn probably wouldn't last fifteen minutes, but to give it a try.

Lilly turned five last week.  Neighhours in the area have no problem with the couple keeping this deer, however when a neighbour's guest came over and saw her, they called "The Michigan Department of Natural Resources. (DNR)"

The couple themselves called The DNR afterwards and were told that it is illegal to take a fawn into your home and raise it as a pet.  With this information it now looks as though Lilly has only two choices; rehabilitation into the wild or she will have to be put down.  Both of which are no good to her, as she has been domesticated from birth and has never been around her own kind.

The deer has caused no harm to anyone, it seems happy enough and the couple are devastated, claiming it would be like losing a child.

I do not know this family, but I do know that the options given by The DNR seem unreasonable and inhumane.  Please sign this petition in the hopes that it will help them in their case.

Here are two links where you can read more about the story and see the pictures and videos:

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