Change the Australian currency name (currently Australian Dollars) to Dollarydoos

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Australia is slowly losing our culture, becoming more and more like America and the UK. With the loss of our culture, comes the loss of our nation. Put a stop to all this nonsense and let's take back our culture with the simple task of changing our currency (currently Australian Dollars) to the uniquely Australian name; Dollarydoo's.

Yes, it's from the Simpsons but that doesn't stop it from having a true blue Australian ring to it. Wouldn't you agree?

Also, our currency would sound so much better with this as our name. Currently, so many countries use the currency 'dollars', and although they have different values, they have the same name. Do we want to be blind followers of a name that we don't even like? Do we want to sacrifice our uniqueness and feel as though this is something that doesn't matter? Do we want to give up and not fight for our say? Do we want to become a meaningless culture?

No, we don't. So please sign this petition and we'll take back our uniquely Australian culture, one dollarydoo at a time.

                                  Dollarydoos, just for youze!

This campaign was sparked by Thomas Probst. Although he got a limited edition $5 note printed by the mint, our aim is to get people to catch onto this trend. Therefore, I challenge you to officially #bringbackdollarydoos. Share this post on your social media with the hashtag #bringbackdollarydoos and raise awareness to this Australian problem.

We can do it! We can bring back Australia's unique culture and change the way our entire nation thinks. You know the saying, 'She'll be right?'

Well, will she really be alright if we leave this important issue?


We need to fight for our say, fight for the Dollarydoos!