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Light Parliament Hill Gold in Sept for Childhood Cancer Awareness

In the month of September, 2014, we will colour the world gold to raise greater awareness for children who are currently fighting cancer, for childhood cancer survivors, and for the children who are no longer with us and deeply missed. There will be Gold in September!   One step at a time we will work to ensure that children, siblings, parents and loved ones, will no longer suffer and be fearful of cancer.

The first step is awareness! You can help to make it happen on Parliament Hill by signing our petition to light it gold. 

Awareness = Funding = Research = A Cure!

In 2006-2012, the Canadian Government directed only 3.13% of funding from the Canadian Institute for Health Research to the 12 main types of childhood cancer, among those 12 types there are many more subtypes, each being very unique. With childhood cancer being the leading cause of disease related death for Canadian children, we need to do better. 1 in 4 Canadian children diagnosed with Cancer will not survive and 98% of survivors will experience at least one long term side effect, a result of harsh and out-dated treatments.

We hope that the Government of Canada will acknowledge the many Canadian children affected by Cancer and the need for greater awareness by lighting the Peace Tower gold.

Help us light the Peace Tower gold and bring awareness to the enemy that can reside in any child that you know. 

Lighting the Peace Tower gold will be an event to remember and a step towards a cure. 


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  • Prime Minister
    Stephen Harper
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    Stephen Harper
  • Minister of Health
  • Minister of Heritage
    Shelly Glover
  • Minister of Public Works
    Diane Findley
  • Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada
    Stephen Harper

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