Redfern Station is the second busiest interchange station in Sydney, with 42,000 people passing through every day. People with disabilities, older people, parents with young children, pregnant women, people with short term mobility issues (through illness or injury), and people with luggage or shopping have great difficulty or cannot access the Station at all as there are no lifts to any platforms.

Letter to
Minister for Transport NSW The Hon. Gladys BEREJIKLIAN, BA, DIntS, MCom MP
President of the Legislative Council of NSW The Hon. (Don) Donald Thomas HARWIN, BEc(Hons) MLC
The Lift Redfern campaign was formed by a wide range of community groups who are frustrated with the discriminatory access challenges at Redfern Station which has no lifts.

Lift Redfern brings together organizations including business, the arts, education, sport, migrant and Aboriginal communities, community services, resident groups and local political party branches.

Lift Redfern collected over 11,000 handwritten signatures for tabling in Parliament in May 2012 and a parliamentary debate took place on that petition in August 2012. No immediate solutions were offered by the Minister to address the access problems and Lift Redfern continues to campaign for lift access to all platforms at Redfern Station.

Despite the call during the debate for a timetable for the redevelopment of Redfern Station to be provided to the community, no timetable was issued.

Lift Redfern continues to campaign for lift access to all platforms at Redfern Station. Recognising the need for a redevelopment of the station to provide lift access on most platforms, we respectfully request that the Government reconsiders its position and delivers the following:

1. Announce a commitment for the Redfern station upgrade with a clear and definitive timeframe for its completion;

2. As an interim measure immediately provide lift access under the NSW Transport Access Programme to the physically separate underground platforms 11 & 12 as lifts on these platforms are not dependent on a station upgrade.

We request that you will take all necessary steps to remedy access problems at this essential interchange station which is used by commuters from across the entire City Rail network.

We also trust you will consider this as a matter of urgency and reflect too on the overwhelming support and interest this campaign generates in electorates across greater Sydney


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