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Lifetime Movie Network has cancelled Army Wives after its seventh season. After changing their main cast, they lost many viewers; but gained many more. Army Wives has over ONE MILLION likes on Facebook alone, and is filled with comments begging for the show to be renewed, or to have one final season - for closure.

This petition is to show Lifetime Movie Network that the show is loved, watched, and will be missed.

Lifetime Movie Network has chosen to cancel a wholesome, enjoyable series, to air reality TV shows full of vulgarity, bullying moms, and gyrating toddlers. 

Letter to
Lifetime Movie Network
I have signed a petition to obtain your attention to Army Wives, the series. This show was ended abruptly, and without closure to it's loyal fans, and viewers.
This petition was created to get Army Wives back on the air, for at least one final season - to end it properly.
Army wives, and girlfriends alike know that Army life leads to long distance friendships, and your close neighbors constantly moving all around the world. In life, that takes time to adjust to, new people, new places... In Television, it takes time to adjust to, a new cast. We request more time to fall even more in love with your new cast, to gain more viewers, to earn the loyalty back of those that were lost.
Please, renew Army Wives, the series.

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