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Every day we hear how animals are being tortured, abused, killed in the most painful ways.  We are fed with these pictures and these actions as if it should be accepted as a normal doing in this new century we are living.  I am calling to ACTION AGAINST THESE CRIMINAL OFFENSES.  I am calling the Public to enforce the MAXIMUM LIFE PENALTY to these individuals that kill, abuse, torture and sentence to the most horrible death innocent animals just for the sake of amusement, self-indulgence or even simply evil.  Ms. Lindsey, Kristen, did assassin a cat, with Premeditation, with cruel weapons (bow and arrow), with Eagerness, with Happiness, and even she had time to have taken pictures of this and post them on the web.  If no grand jury or District Attorney can't actually see the Evil and sulfurous premeditated action of this, I must say there is no hope for this nation and our blindness is reaching the sky. 

My petition is NOT about vengeance, but about Justice.  Many people throw their words at me telling me I am a fool, or a despicable person because of what I am asking is too much for them to handle.  I tell them bluntly they are the ones who indirectly are responsible for all the blunders in the legal system, and for all the abuse and killing of innocent animals.  Why?  Because when someone gets stern and gets to the kernel of an issue they back off and second guess themselves delving into their immaturity.  I don't need to be nice or polite to people in order for them to sign this petition.  I am not a politician, I am not looking for voters for me to be in control.  I am not doing this either to make myself feel good.  This is NOT about Me or You, this is about TIGER, about ALL those Voiceless ones that were and still are murdered everyday, and if lucky, they get away with very painful injuries.

In the XVII century anyone in England would be sentenced to death by hanging JUST because he or she had stolen a LOAF OF BREAD.  I am not making this up, it is a fact, it is History.  I believe the Judicial system has come long ways to realize that penalty was inhumane.  Still we live in a Judicial system that treats Animals as second hand beings, in the same way that this very Judicial System used to treat BLACK PEOPLE as second hand citizens.  Now, nobody out there is laughing.  Now, nobody out there would actually condone that, and I am not going to enter into racist policies or politics here and now.  However, if a person or a child is walking by a house and another person sees him/her and goes into the house grabs a bow and an arrow and PURPOSELY SHOOTS and KILLS this child, I believe and know for certain the Law shall be very stern and in some States this individual will be sent to Death Row.  Now, WHY should be treat Companion Animals in a different way when it comes to Justice?  Don't they feel?  Don't they have a nervous system and blood as ours?  WHY a person that Kills/Murders a Companion Animal with PREMEDITATION knowing before hand absolutely what she or he is doing is sent to jail like if any other person had not paid a full set of traffic fines?  WHY the Law has not the righteousness to grow and mature?  I tell you and I tell you again: SOMEDAY these individuals shall be prosecuted in the same way as if they had kill a HUMAN ANIMAL.  Unfortunately, we in these matters we are STILL in the law system of ''hanging people for stealing a loaf of bread.''  No, they are not ''pets'', they are Beings like Us, just with a different shape or form, with a different skin, and with a different type of language; their brain works different, and so it does in a person with autism or with Down syndrome, are we supposed to believe that these persons aren't human just because they don't communicate or act like Us?  Woe to us if so!   I've reflected on this matter with depth, and I've come to the conclusion that We Humans are a very rare/odd Species.  We only learn through pain, by means of suffering are we only corrected.  Even dogs know better!  We aren't dogs or cats or rabbits, we are Humans, and as such we Solely Apprehend  Reality by means of Suffering, we Solely Understand the luxury of having something Once we've lost it.  We indeed are a Foolish Species.  We won't learn how not to do something Unless we are Punished not to do it: and we learn this since childhood.  I can't change Human Nature.  I can't change Society.  Yet, I can appeal to Action to live in a constant state of awareness on this affairs.  No Animal abuser/killer shall learn unless is severely punished.  As sad as it might appear, people do not rob banks because they think or believe is wrong But because they are AFRAID of the Punishment afterwards.  Take away the Penalty and you will build a nation of Rascals.  Let's extend our Punishment to those who treat Companion Animals in the most horrendous manners.  

It is my purpose to establish a Dialogue with the Legislative System and ask to, for the first time in History, take a historical step, a great leap, wherein any individual that kills, murders, tortures, abuses, a Companion Animal is accordingly JUDGED and SENTENCED as If he or she had done the harm to a Human Being.  Thus, in this case, Kristen Lindsey would be sent to Death row according to the Laws of Texas and yet, I am asking to consider her case to be put in the plate of LIFE TERM IN PRISON.  

Thanks so much for reading, and in the Memory of Tiger and All the Voiceless, God Bless!


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