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Life After Racing needs your support to lobby state governments and effect real positive change for the Thoroughbred horse after it's racing career has ended.
A proposal was presented to State racing bodies back in 2016. It fell on deaf ears. Since this time we have seen prize money taxed in the name of horse welfare but little benefit flowing to the horses that actually need it. We have seen rules put into place to outlaw the sale of Thoroughbreds where the end result is the horse being processed for meat however the practice continues.

This petition is to be presented to each state government and the federal government for a uniformed approach for the following;

1. Governments in each state to pressure each state racing body to support the proposal put forward by Life After Racing for Thoroughbred specific classes details at 

2. Minimum Jail sentences to people for inflicting electric shock/s to a horse other than an electric fence.

3. Uniformed horse welfare code of practice throughout Australia.