Remove Doug Ford from office.

Remove Doug Ford from office.

April 1, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chelsea Sibbert

We have had enough of this incompetent Premier. Time and time again doug ford has consistently shown his inability to run this city. Loosening restrictions then putting us into lockdown three times since the pandemic started, and offering no support for the working class. Where are our vaccines? Where is "this light at the end of the tunnel?" Watching every briefing he gives live and the Q and A's the working class and lower income citizens are never adressed.. ever. 

There has been no sign of mental health support for those struggling with endless isolation. There has been no support for those who have been evicted because they could not pay their rent. The ONLY support this man has shown is to BIG BOX RETAIL...

Curbside pick-up is allowed but we're told to only go out for essentials? How does this make any logical sense? And yet big box stores like wal-mart can stay open like super spreader hubs. TTC busses can be jam packed with riders? Would it surprise you to know that corporations fund, and back doug ford? 

He goes on and on about supporting local business yet keeps this big box stores open. "Shop locally" he states.. so would it not make sense to close these huge indoor stores to better support the business of small business? 

He claims to care about the little people; the working class but here are some of the things hes taken from us in the years 2019- 2020:

Frozen: Public sector wage increases at 1%

Eliminated: An Ontario Arts Council-funded Indigenous Culture Fund

Proposed: Ending the Transition Child Benefit 

Cut: 70% of provincial funding to the Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries 

Cut: Annual funding for stem cell research

Cut: An unclear amount of funding from violence against women shelter services

On May 14, the Toronto Star reported on MPP Randy Hillier asking Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod about why “women’s shelters and supports for victims of violence” saw $17 million cut from their funding since last year’s spending estimates.

Cut: eHealth budget

On May 9, the PC government cut $70 million from the eHealth budget. (eHealth Ontario focused on digital health programs.)

Cut: Health policy and research funding

In addition to consolidating the province’s healthcare, which resulted in funding cuts, the Ford government is also cutting research funding. Health policy and research will see a $52 million total reduction in funding

Cut: The Ministry of Labour’s prevention office budget

The prevention office, which is responsible for preventing workplace injuries, death and other occupational health hazards, is losing $16 million from its budget.

Cancelled: $50 million fund meant to help child care centres cover costs for parents.

Cut: $8 million from The Ontario Music Fund

Cut: $1 billion from Toronto Public Health over the next ten years

Cut: 50% of Ontario Library Service funding

Cut: All legal aid for refugee and immigration cases and 30% of the general legal aid budget

Cancelled: The Compensation for Victims of Crime Act 

Cut: Thousands of full-time teaching positions

Cut: Funding for two safe injection sites in Toronto, and one in Ottawa

Cut: Free tuition for low-income students

Cut: $25 million in funding for specialized school programs

Cancelled: Labour reform (Bill 148)

Cancelled: The Basic Income project

Cancelled: Writing sessions to revise Indigenous education curriculum

Cancelled: $100 million in funding for school repairs.

The list goes on and on; however, he did manage to REINSTATE half a billion dollars in municipal funding. So far though, we have yet to see that money truly impacting any of us in a positive way. Where is this money going? I'm sure doug Ford's pockets are heavy by now. 

Please take the time to sign this petition, we can no longer stand idly by while this man fails to act and aid a city that so desperately needs it. REMOVE DOUG FORD FROM OFFICE!


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Signatures: 289Next Goal: 500
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