Distribute Rice instead of Direct Cash Transfer to Bank Accounts

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Government has decided to launch Direct Cash Transfer to the bank account instead of distributing rice in ration shops at Puducherry on pilot basis.

This would cause serious and grave consequences which would adversely affect poor people who have been immensely benefited from the Public Distribution Scheme (PDS).

  1. Transferring Rs. 300/- per month instead of providing rice and other essential commodities to the needy, it almost sure that the money would immediately flow to arrack and toddy shops as money cannot replace rice.
  2. The poor daily wage labourer has to forego a day’s wagesto go to the bank, fill up the chalan, withdraw the money, with the amount being transferred by the government as a bulk transfer, every bank is facing huge rush during these days for women and other poor people having to wait outside in queues to access and withdraw this money.
  3. Cash in hand will not ensure food in the family, as the poor have other priorities like expenditures on health / diseases, loan repayments, etc.,
  4. Every section of people suddenly entering the market would increase the demand for rice & eventually the market price of the rice too. This will be a burden for every section of the people, not only the poor.
  5. With the state slowly washing its hands on the PDS agenda, what would be need for the government to procure food grains at support prices from the already crisis-ridden farmers?

If the entire idea of this system is to ensure food security for the people of the territory, then the above mentioned consequences & question(s) raised are putting the food security of the people at stake.

In short, we would like to point out that this scheme if continued would erase whatever progress Puducherry had gathered over the last 4 to 5 decades in a very short span of time, and would lead to an impoverished state within no time.

Join us in asking the Lieutenant Governor, A.K. Singh & Chief Minister, N. Rangasamy to ensure the food security of the people by distributing rice instead of cash in ration shops.

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