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Libraries Unlimited Management should take the same average paycut as their staff

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Libraries Unlimited are making savings by cutting pay to their least well-off staff. They have opted to remove enhanced pay for working unsociable hours, affecting 247 staff, with some staff losing more than 30% of their total pay.

This change only affects those from Grades B - E (approx £7.20 - £10.20 p/hr) while those Grade F and above will take no share of this cut.

Staff have been told:

- That they are not permitted to talk to anyone outside the organisation about this removal of pay
- That they are not eligible for voluntary redundancy
- That the TUPE regulations they were told would protect their pay and conditions after leaving Devon County Council do not cover this change in contract
- That those who do not sign the variation to their contract will be dismissed and re-engaged on the new conditions regardless

The Senior Management Team have rejected suggestions about all staff taking a proportionate paycut. When asked whether senior staff would take a paycut as well, Ciara Eastell, CEO of Libraries Unlimited said she 'worked hard' and 'didn't think she deserved [one]'.

Through this cut to frontline staff pay, the organisation will make savings of around £220,000 per annum. The Senior Management Team have offered to forgo a 1% payrise in April 2017 offering the organisation a saving of only £2,683.

We propose that the Senior Management Team take a paycut proportionate to the average amount of salary lost by their staff through this proposal.


What is Libraries Unlimited?

Libraries Unlimited is the social enterprise contracted by Devon County Council to run Devon Libraries.

How did they arrive at the decision to cut pay?

At the beginning of November 2016, staff were informed of the proposal to remove enhanced pay for unsociable hours and a consultation period began on November 21. A series of meetings with staff across the county were held and an online questionnaire was circulated to all staff. The consultation period ended on January 20, findings were presented to the Board of Trustees and the final decision was announced to staff on February 9.

How much will staff lose?

70% of the workforce will be affected with the average person losing £720 per year. Sixteen staff will lose more than 30% of their pay. Staff who work both Sundays and Saturdays will see their weekend pay drop by more than 50%.

What else can I do to help?

If you are based in Devon, ask at your local library for a feedback form. Let our senior staff know that you are unhappy with these changes.

Retweet and share this petition with your friends and family.

Where can I find more information on what's happenning?

Devon Live previously ran an article on these cuts


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