Reinstate Lauren Southern as candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada and publicly apologize to her

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Lauren Southern a former candidate and arguably by far the most popular one of the Libertarian Party of Canada has been unfairly suspended after poor treatment and slander from members within the party due to a viral video of her challenging feminist campaigners at a slut walk protest.

They removed her despite the majority of Libertarian Party members voting to keep her, removed her candidate list without her knowing about it, got candidates threatening her with rape and blackmailed her into never challenging feminism again if she wants to come back. 

As a political party that speaks on behalf of the philosophy of libertarianism they ought to stress the importance of promoting freedom of expression, civil liberties and the marketplace of ideas. Instead they have resorted to lies, silencing, censorship, blackmail and harassment to someone whose activism has never conflicted with libertarian ideals.

Southern has been subjected to harassment, blackmail, insults and even a rape threat from the party. One of the libertarian candidates wrote "I’m fed up. If you are against feminism I hope you get raped 1000x by a serrated elephant dick then burn at the stake. Fuck you all. Peace.” The partner of the President of the party publicly called her "jerk-off material." This poor misogynistic treatment towards her speaks volumes of the hypocrisy within the party.

I hereby ask for the Libertarian Party of Canada to stand up for their libertarian principles and immediately reinstate Lauren Southern without her having to compromise and for the Party Leader Tim Moen, Vice President for Political Action Mark Burnison, Party President Rehan Bassoni, and Vice President for Communication David Clement to publicly apologize.

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