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Liberate Brindi - The dog held hostage for more than 3 years at a Halifax Pound!

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Brindi is a dog that has been imprisoned for far too long. Both her trainer and her veterinarian are greatly concerned for her welfare. She has suffered psychologically and physically after being yanked away from her home with her companion, Francesca Rogier, who rescued her from a shelter. Mrs. Rogier has cooperated with the judge’s conditions in order to reintegrate Brindi into society. There is strong support for her return in the local community, and among Brindi’s trainer, veterinarian, and groomer.

In July 2008, the Halifax Regional Municipality decided arbitrarily that Brindi is a dangerous dog and ordered her to be put down. It cited a few incidents with other dogs, all but one without injury. The one instance of injury required no medical treatment. Brindi had gotten along well with most dogs she met, and also had never attacked a human. Yet Halifax would not reconsider its decision, nor would it agree to any options or offers Francesca put forward. It offered no process of appeal, and even blocked her from getting assessment of Brindi’s temperament without a court order. When Francesca obtained the order and asked a behaviorist to examine Brindi, the outcome was decidedly positive. But Halifax ignored the results, thus forcing Francesca to take her case before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

In January 2009, a judge ruled that by seizing Brindi without notice or the right of appeal, Francesca’s civil rights were violated. It proved a hollow victory, as Halifax simply continued to refuse to return Brindi. Instead, it laid charges against Francesca, who had never been charged before. The matter soon became tied up in the courts, prolonging Brindi’s confinement even further. For most of this time, Francesca was not permitted to visit Brindi, who was also kept isolated from other dogs. Not surprisingly, her health began to suffer. Finally, in May of 2010, Dartmouth Judge Alanna Murphy released Brindi from the pound after nearly two years. The conditions of release she imposed were: further training with Brindi, compliance with a muzzle order, maintaining a secure dog run, and payment of fines. As Francesca had offered Halifax animal control the very same conditions back in 2008, she was happy to comply, and also continued working with her trainer after Brindi came home.

Then, Brindi was picked up by animal control after a scuffle with another dog in September 2010. Though that dog was not seriously harmed, and once again, no humans were hurt – even though they kicked her - Brindi is again on death row and in danger of being put down. Francesca Rogier now faces a trial date in March. In the meantime, Brindi’s vet, who has been monitoring her health, has reason to suspect pancreatic cancer. Further medical tests are pending.

This petition respectfully asks Judge Buchan to please do the honorable act of allowing Brindi to be released to her home and loving family. We are convinced that Brindi is not a dangerous dog, and believe it would be wrong to end her life prematurely.

We also ask all advocates and supporters of Brindi to sign the petition below started by Carol W. Both petitions will be delivered to the court by Carol W. and Hand4Paws in March.

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