Vote of No Confidence - Scott Morrison as PM

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As an Australian voter and someone who truly loves Australia, I urge you to support the petition for PM Morrison’s resignation due to a ‘vote of no confidence’ from the Australian public.

Australia needs a PM who has the skills, knowledge and capacity to manage the urgent climate change situation, and liaise and listen to both the world acclaimed climate scientists and the Australian people.

Our country is burning – we are losing our land, our native animals, and our bush, not to mention we are all currently being poisoned by the toxic smoke fumes that sit in our sky. While our so-called leader denies that climate change exists and appears to be more focused on our summer cricket!

Below are just a very small number of reasons why Morrison no-longer worthy or deserves to be our PM:

·         Worldwide news states that Australians' faith in government hits record low.

·         Scott Morrison has also shown himself to be a coward in that he refuses to respond to Australian voters’ concerns & questions. Instead Morrison has threatened to outlaw climate protests.  We are all fighting to save our country and rather than listen, Morrison wants to make it illegal for us to have a voice. When did Australia move from being a democracy to a dictatorship?

·         Morrison went against all recommendations and slashed funding to the RFS earlier this year. $12.9 million in expenses was cut from Fire & Rescue NSW, while the Office of NSW Rural Fire Services — a service run by volunteers — lost $26.7 million in expenses.

·         Even one of your own Ministers - NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean disagrees with Morrison’s refusal to accept that climate change exists.

·         As further evidence of our PM’s approach to climate change, Morrison chose to skip a special session of the United Nations on climate change that most other world leaders, including even US President Donald Trump, attended.

·         The support for urgent climate change action is demonstrated by the fact that  several Liberal MPs have signed on to a crossbench-led climate action committee

·         PM Morrison has refused to listen to current & former Fire and Rescue NSW commissioners - individuals who have been on the front line and know fires,  whose message is that we need an urgent response from government as climate change is the key reason that fire seasons are lengthening and fires are harder to control.

·         In addition PM Morrison’s offensive statements, demonstrate how lacking in humanity and compassion he truly is: Going to be a great summer of cricket

·         Scott Morrison rejects calls for more bushfire help, saying volunteer fire-fighters 'want to be there'. Responses from volunteers show how wrong our PM has got it by stating that No, Scott Morrison, my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires this summer!

·         Malcolm Turnbull the previous Australian Liberal PM, blasts his own old party for failing to take action.

·         The CEO of Australia’s Climate Change Council blasted PM Morrison’s UN Speech.

·         Climate change  took a bite out of the country’s economy, and yet Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal (the dirtiest fossil fuel) for power generation.

·         Our country is currently in severe drought caused by our dependency on fossil fuels and even though we have severe water shortages for our animals, our land and our people, the Government has given permission to Adani, the coal mine company to extract 270 billion litres of water.  As a compassionate human being, I find this decision hard to fathom.

·         According to a recent poll by the Lowy Institute, more than 60% of Australians have identified climate change as the top “critical threat” facing Australia, and want government to take steps to address global warming even if that involves “significant costs.”

·         A scathing report demonstrates that our country’s total emissions have risen to their highest level and we are not on track to meet our Paris climate agreement pledge.

·         There is also evidence that the fires have been Government assisted to clear the land required for the CLARA rail project from Melbourne to Brisbane.

How much more damage to Australia’s reputation, to our land, to our native animals, to our farmers, to our bushland, to our indigenous people, to our future children are you happy for PM Morrison to inflict before you are ready to listen to the Australian public, and vote him out?

Our country is in crisis as yet PM Morrison has failed in all ways to demonstrate heart, compassion and integrity.

It is time for a new PM, someone who truly understands what Australia and its people are struggling with right now and puts our country and our children’s future at the forefront of all decisions. PM Morrison is NOT this person.