Keep Current Canadian Firearms Laws

Keep Current Canadian Firearms Laws

October 7, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robert Wiering

The insipid, uninformed and downright arrogant idea that "military style/assault weapons" are the problem in Canada.

But before I can say or do anything let's explore, shall we?

What is an assault weapon? Let's let our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau define that.

When asked about the difference between the AR-15 and "hundreds of different models, of rifles, that operates the same way, that will still be legal, under your plan. There will still be hundreds of rifles to buy, legally..." I am not using all of the questioners lines of dialogue here due to saving you, the reader, some redundancy. It was spoken to Trudeau in such a manner with a hope to get a straight answer.

Trudeau had the following to say.

"You're actually getting at one of the core differences, between the liberals and the conservatives approach on this issue. Not only do liberals want to strengthen gun control and conservatives want to weaken them.

But we believe that the definitions, and the choice around classification of guns, should be done by experts. By members of the RCMP. The conservatives think politicians, should be in the business of deciding which model and which gun needs to be banned or not.

Well we know what Steven Harper did for many years around weakening gun laws because politicians had that decision to make. And we committed in 2015 that we would give back to experts, to the RCMP, the responsibility of classifying in an objective and responsible way; guns in this country, because we believe, in experts, not in, politicians, making the decisions around which guns are acceptable and are not.

That is why when we move forward on banning assault weapons, we move forward on enabling cities to restrict handguns. We're going to be trusting the experts to make the determinations in terms of, which guns are which."


This quote comes directly from 2:05- to the end of the video. (2:05-3:21)

The most important thing to note here, that to no one's surprise, the question was dodged entirely. The blame for the "weak" gun laws of Canada was placed on someone else (Harper).

He states that guns should be determined and thus classified by experts. By saying this, he deems that politicians are not experts. Very simple logic. Yet he cannot follow his own logic, as this alleged "assault weapons ban" is still something he will push for. If you're not qualified for the job call in the experts. We get that, people can understand and to some degree, respect that.

I am not here to argue whether or not the RCMP are experts or not. To each their own and I would prefer to not have lengthy discussions about their effectiveness. What I want is hobbyists, enthusiasts, curious individuals and all other people that this ban will impact,  to not have their current rights taken away. 

For those that are unaware of the statistics here is this video

To watch you must have a Facebook™ account and as far as I can tell, this is not a private page. The summary is that the evidence does not support this ban. Although this is from the United States, the context of the "assault weapons ban" is what makes it applicable to us in Canada.

I appreciate the time you took for reading this and also urge your consideration into signing this petition. Even if you're not from Canada, everything matters, because at the end of the day, we should never let uniformed individuals make laws about something that does not affect them.

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Signatures: 5,505Next Goal: 7,500
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