Let Tony Healey go home

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Tony has been sectioned again whilst in hospital.

Tony had to have a hip replacement operation after the injuries he sustained the night before Lambeth Council were planning to evict him. He's been full of praise and very happy with the care he's received from the staff at King's College Hospital. However, yesterday he was sectioned again and he has been moved to a psychiatric hospital. He's now utterly miserable and dejected and cannot see any way that he will ever be able to return to his beloved home. The blame for Tony's terrible predicament lies firmly at the feet of Lambeth Council. In particular Sean Harriss the Chief Executive and Lib Peck the Leader. Both of these people knew the possible consequences of forcing Tony from his home and they had the power to reverse the decision to evict him. We pleaded with them to allow Tony to stay, but they refused to revoke the eviction notice. This is the most appalling way to treat anyone, but in particular to treat an 80 year old man in this way is simply inhumane. All done so that Lambeth Council can sell his home to a property developer. Tony was a very happy, positive man before Lambeth started their "shortlife recall" process. He's always been an independent, cheerful person and neither wanted nor needed any help. Lambeth Council have ruined his life. http://ow.ly/ZEBRV

Housing activists
5 years ago