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Let Tony Healey go home

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80 year-old Tony Healey was a member of a supportive housing community for 30 years.  Lambeth Council want to evict him from his home to sell it.  They started proceedings in 2012.  Lambeth were aware that Tony was vulnerable and that he was refusing to leave his home.  They were also aware what effect the eviction threat was having on him and yet, despite pleas from friends, neighbours and campaigners, they refused to cancel it.  Action against Tony was successfully blocked in 2015 by an alliance of all the parliamentary candidates for the area, but the council have persisted.  Another eviction notice arrived with Tony on March 2nd (dated February 5th).  Again the council were asked to cancel it because of the health effects it was having on him.  Tony had never had any mental health issues before this impending eviction made him feel that life without his home was not worth living.  Rather than cancel the eviction, Lambeth Council chose instead to issue two sectioning orders against Tony and removed him from his home in the middle of the night on Thursday 3rd March.  On Friday 4th of March Lambeth Council officers and bailiffs tried to take Tony's house but were thwarted by former neighbours and activists.  His home was saved - for now.  

But Lambeth will be back.  Meanwhile Tony is in hospital with a broken arm and hip.  It wasn't initially clear how Tony sustained these injuries, but one of Tony's visitors says that it sounded like an accident.

We are relieved to hear that Tony is receiving treatment for these injuries and is in pretty good spirits.  However, the future of his beloved home is uncertain, a home that has an inextricable link to his happiness and wellbeing.  We appeal to Lambeth Council to remove the threat of eviction that has caused such serious harm and distress and give Tony the reassurance that once he's recovered his health he will be able to return to his home.

Every inch of Tony's home is covered in the artworks that he created and is a unique testimony to his eccentric and creative life.  You can see some of them here -

Meanwhile, you can keep up-to-date with the story and see more details here:

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