Legalise Gay Marriage

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If heterosexual people have the right to marriage, isn't it only fair if homosexuals do too? 

While India has decriminalized homosexuality, a little over a year ago, the change doesn't stop there.

People deserve the right to more than just have sexual intimacy with their partners, because love is love. They deserve to build a family, and to be allowed to do so without having to move to another country. As a bisexual woman, I'd like to have the opportunity to be able to even consider more than just a physical relationship with someone of the same gender.

While stigma still lasts, and celebrating the same victory year after year feels like an achievement, we need to push further.

It's time to give everyone the equal rights that were promised to them. It's time to take this one level up.

Please sign this petition if you believe this is a cause that needs to be addressed and a problem that needs to be fixed.

Hopefully not long from now, with your support, this dream could be turned into reality.