Save Our LGBTQ Landmarks

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"Tokyo Valentino" at Cheshire Bridge Rd is being shut down by the City of Atlanta unless you help! This location is important to our LGBTQ identities as gay Georgians (GAGA). "Tokyo Valentino", open since 1995, has been a safe harbor for the community allowing us to celebrate our diversity since “The Jungle” is now closed. GAGA cannot afford to lose another landmark establishment. So many of our GAGA locations are now permanently closed, or under attack including "Backstreets", "Burkhart's", "Blake’s", and "The Eagle". If we lose our culture then we also lose our identity as gay Georgians! We have fought for acceptance…now we need to fight to preserve it! Please sign the petition to stop the City of Atlanta from closing "Tokyo Valentino". It will only take a few clicks. We are gay Georgia. We are GAGA!

GAGA works to preserve LGBTQ cultural and entertainment locations important to maintaining the identity and safety of gay Georgians. These locations offer safe havens for our community free from harassment and violence. They are hard earned and not easy to replace for LGBTQ business owners.

Gay Georgia, Inc. (GAGA) is a state-registered political action committee (non-candidate committee) in the State of Georgia [DEN-US_Active.FID18045106]