Legal action on CA Kailash Mantary (Anti LGBT activist)

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Hi, my name is Riya, I am a trans-woman from Mumbai. As we all are aware of the fact that the section 377 has been decriminalized by the supreme court of India alongside, ascertaining the fact that Homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria is not a psychological disorder but god's creation. A lot of psychiatrist (almost every) and psychologists have brought the practice of the so called "Curing Procedures" to a complete stop considering them to be unhelpful and fake as these aren't any illness. The court has also supported the fact and law amendments have been made to bring a stop to such practices happening around the country. How ever some self proclaimed life coaches and psycho therapists have still been continuing to dupe families (especially the parents of any trans/homosexual child), consecutively causing harm to the mental stability (and in some cases physical as well) to the poor victim. 

In this video which is posted on YouTube , CA Kailash Mantry is claiming to "cure" people who have gender dysphoria or are homosexuals. He has also used the word "Sexual perversion" for transgenders and claims to have all the knowledge of the treatments and procedures involved in the curing. He also states that if the "patient" who is suffering from such "disease" is not willing to get "cured" then his/her parents can also bring them to him (which obviously will involve physical enforcement). 

I want such crooks to be taken seriously. Not only should his practice be brought to a complete stop but also a strong legal action should also be taken against him. Kindly help me move this forward by your support in the form of your signature....Many Thanks in advance