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LG’s insensitivity towards women needs to stop! Their commercial for the LG Kompressor Plus Vacuum insults and ridicules a woman’s weight to show the suction feature of their vacuum. Making fun a woman’s weight should not be the way LG showcases the powerful suction of their vacuum.

Letter to
LG Chief Marketing Officer
I am writing to you about your very offensive commercial for your LG Kompressor Plus Vacuum. I do not like this commercial because is ridicules a woman’s weight in order to show the features of your new suction nozzle. You will no longer get my business until you stop insulting women.
This commercial is very problematic for women because it sends the message that only women who have thin and skinny bodies are beautiful when in fact every body is beautiful.
I was formerly a loyal customer, but I no longer support LG products. In order to win my business back, LG needs to stop insulting women and their weight in order to generate sales. I am telling other consumers and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.

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