Ask manufacturers to make a 4G QWERTY flip phone

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Many people do not want a smart phone, and many others are going back to flip phones for a variety of reasons:
1) Smart phones have poor battery life
2) The screens are large and fragile, get all scratched up, even broken
3) They overheat in the car / sunlight
4) Android / google / iOS tracks you and listen to you all the time
5) Constant notifications about unimportant things, difficult to get rid of
6) Touch screen keyboard is hard to use with large fingers
7) Frequent pocket dialing or other unintended behavior.
8) Extra cost of a data plan
9) Having to navigate through a million functions you never use

LG, Samsung, and Casio all made 3G flip phones with QWERTY keyboards, but now they are not moving them to 4G. Some are making a very few flip phones with no keyboard, but we want at least one with a QWERTY keyboard to make texting much easier. And we are not all old people! People of all ages do not want smart phones and would appreciate a flip phone with a keyboard.

Tell LG, Samsung, and Casio to we want a flip phone with a QWERTY keyboard.